20 circles
| Juergen Schroeder


Juergen M. Schroeder



Imation (3M)
GE Frankona
ZKW Automotive
Bayern LB
British Telekom
Walt Disney

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Award-winning Creative Director with extensive experience in publication design, design agencies and full-service agencies for corporations and independent clients. Solid success in directing wide array of revenue-generating design projects for Fortune 500 companies. Developed ability to establish brand strategy and identity, implementing pragmatic and innovative design techniques and lateral thinking to achieve results. Strong communicator capable of translating clients’ needs, building strong professional rapport and leading cross-functional teams (seasoned & new professionals) in diverse, fast-paced settings. Readily oversee teams on multimillion-dollar projects.

Fluent in German & English

  • Full Lifecycle Project Management
  • Interface / Experience Design
  • Digital / Traditional Design Practices
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Integrated Communications
  • Delegation / Relationship Management
  • Policy / Procedure Enhancement
  • Instructional Expertise / Ideation Facilitation
  • Resource / Idea Management
  • Marketing Tactics / Strategic Planning

Why  '20 Circles'?

A great way to JUMP-START an IDEATION SESSION which Juergen uses in most of his creative sessions.
The „20 Circles" activity is a simple yet powerful way to inspire creative thinking.

It’s quick way to get creative juices flowing, break the ice, or team build, and all you need is a sheet of paper with 20 circles…
It also highlights the balance between fluency (the speed and quantity of ideas) and flexibility (how different or divergent they are).

Remember that ideating in this way is about quantity over quality, and there are no wrong circles.