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| Juergen Schroeder


President of KISKA Design

Juergen is a visionary, with a great sense of style, color, and balance. It was a delight to work towards successful corporate identity goals with Juergen’s creative leadership guiding the process. He is passionate, committed and understands deeply the need to clearly frame the goals of the brand and organization and how the look and feel – at every touch point – drive value. He used creative techniques and tools of Idea Management successfully along the way improving team efficiency and spirit. In addition to his broad experience, Juergen is also open to the risks of fresh ideas shaping his point of view. He has a great personality that adds warmth to any team and makes every assignment a pleasure. He is a innovative Creative Director and a 110% a team player.

Owner, TACK Austria

Juergen is a knowledgeable and highly competent creative professional with a wide range of services to offer, from basic graphic design to highly competent creative consulting and results creating creative workshops. Juergen is a pleasant, highly sensible personality who with empathy will add his creative talent and results driven thinking in order to create great solutions. Try him: you won’t regret it!!

General Manager,
Senior Designer at JJ Orion

When you want something done, don't ask the person who has time, ask the person who has too much to do. I'm sure you've heard this one before, and it is true. The ability to get things done attracts more things to do. It's a cosmic rule, I think.

Juergen was the busiest guy I worked with at Core Brands, and he always got it done. It was much later in our working relationship that I discovered how creative he is. He has extensive background in brand development and it was really fun to explore the subject with him. Juergen is an amazing guy who is dedicated, hard working, creative and fun to be around. When you combine these traits with his baking skills (strudel, yum!), well then you may have just found the perfect colleague.